retro microphone and red curtain

If you need a speaker for your next women’s ministry night, conference or retreat Keri and Jennifer would love to join you. They are available to minister on a wide variety of topics including; brokenness, depression, marriage, singleness, parenting, finding your identity, finding true freedom, God sized dreams, healing and restoration. They love ministering to women of all ages and backgrounds. They have a special place in their heart for pastor’s wives and women in ministry (or anyone who might feel a little stretched-too-thin).

Keri and Jennifer are available to travel together and team teach or individually (although they are much more hilarious together). For scheduling questions contact info@brokengirl.org

Come Away With Me Prayer Retreats:

Keri and Jennifer love leading prayer retreats! Come Away with Me retreats offer an extended time of ministry for a small group of ladies (12-15 is ideal). The Come Away retreat provides 4 teaching sessions, opportunities for one on one ministry with Keri and Jennifer, and materials for guided prayer and study. If your church or ministry group is interested in experiencing a guided intimate time with Jesus contact us about this retreat.

Sample Come Away with Me Schedule:


5pm: Guest check in

6pm: Dinner

7pm: Session 1

8pm: Reflection/prayer time


8am: Breakfast

10am: Session 2

11:30am: Lunch

After Lunch: Group devotion followed by reflection/prayer time, one on one ministry time

6pm: Dinner

7pm: Session 3 followed by corporate prayer


8am: Breakfast

10am: Session 4/Corporate Prayer/Commissioning

Noon: Dismiss

(note, this is a sample schedule and would be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the group)


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