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  1. Just wanted to let you both know that you did a terrific job Sunday morning. and to thank you for the copy of your book. Keep up the good work. God bless

    • Thank you so much JoAnne! It was such a joy to minister together to our favorite people!



      • As i hesitate to even comment because of fear of saying something wrong or not spelling correct i STOP myself and go on. HELLOOOOOOO Girls you did a wonderful job on Mothers day. I wish i would have responded quicker ,but life happens.Any how i am not the best egg in the carton but praise the lord i am in the carton! I am all aboard with letting God have his way .There are so many things that has happen thru the years that i did not relazie untill later that God was there. I love the comment you shared on your husband about not getting you anything for mothers day because youwhere not his mother… my husband turned his head looked at me during church and said SEE.. Now he has a leader to support his thinking..LOL. He knows better. Here is a mothers day i will never forget! I choose to be a mom when i adopteed my oldest son at 18 months he was from my husbands previous marriage and she wanted nothing to do with him and to never see him i was to be the only mom he new.A wife and mom in the same day. What did God have instore for me?My husband and i decided not to tell our son that i was not his bilogical mom untill he would be able to understand. I still cry now as i reflect on that Mothers day. Our children all had cousins close in there age and that lived in the same area. Matthew my husband sisters oldest son had stayed the night with us and was going to church that morning. Rick was at work it was just me and the kids. As we got everyone loaded up we where on the highway from our small little country house driving in town when i heard my son arguing with his cousin. And there it was my 5 year od baby boy says , Matt say you are not my mom, You are mom? OOOHH how the tears began to flow and hurt and anger.. As i arrived at church i was not able to do anything . I got the kids in there sunday school came back out to the car and seatting in the church parking lot ,that how ironic was across the street from my son ‘s bilogical mom.I had to call my husband i needed that support, what do i say what do i do? When he asked me the question i did respond and tell him i was his mom. Despite what i new his little cousin was talking about i was his mom. I was bleessed to see him take his first step, potty train,tuck into bed , take him to school on his first day of Kindergarten I was there morning and night always and forever . When I signed my name to that certificate I took this child as mine and I would do whatever I could to protect him and love him. Of course my husband was oh to not happy with the choice his sister had made but that was communicated and done. But now i have to sit down with this little boy and explain to him what his cousin was talking about.. My rock(Rick) had to be there not only to help explain but support me through this hurt.. My son now 21 is happily married with a son of his own and working in there local church. Through the years there were times of frustastion and confusion. He wanted to meet her which we expected and had prepared ourselves for and each time Joshua came back with a time of saddness and depresstion this young boy could not get a hold of what was so wrong or bad about him.. And we would always gather in prayer and reassure him nothing .. he was a child of God and God had him in the place he wanted him. Over time my husband and I stayed active in church ministry and to recgonize how amazing our God is and how fastenating he works things.. We attended Church with my husband ex-in laws. My sons grandparents occasioaly other family but never the biological mom .Regular hugs every service.. Josh’s grandma bought Christmas gifts for all my children and Rick and myself. She was am amazing woman of God and cared so much about what was the best interst of my son. I regret to say she unexpectedly passed away 2009. But the family recgonized us as family and asked us to sit with them. GODS work.. Looking over the cascet of this wonderful woman of God and going through the line to hug family i had to hug this woman that brought my son in this world , and gave him so much confusion and pain ,but gave him to me the best gift anyone ever gave me. As a women I recgonize how precious i am and the value that God has on me. I dont recgonize my worth and dought myself daily. But i remind myself God is working on me I may be cracked,blemished or even scared my God is so kind and gentle to work that out. At times the pressure and pain of the circumstrance may feel overwhelming but I need to let him do his work.

      • Oh Tammy! Thank you so much for sharing this…I had no idea. I think you are one amazing woman with a powerful message of how God loves us and adopts us as His own! I feel so proud to know you. I know God will continue to do a mighty work in you!


  2. Dear Jennifer and Keri,


    I LOVE the new website for BrokenGirl.org!

    It’s BEAUTIFUL! :)

    AND it’s in my two absolute FAVORITE colors (purple and black)! :)

    May God continue to use your ministry and lives to help bring others to Him. :)



    • Thank you Alexis! We are getting so excited to launch this ministry & the Broken Girl Stories in January! Glad you LOVE the new look…you are beautiful!

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