This endeavor was birthed years ago in the hearts of two near strangers over cheap Mexican food and Coca Cola. We sat there eating our chips and salsa trying to have a “normal” conversation, but were unsuccessful. Instead of talking about the weather and our families we wound up spilling secrets, fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams. We jumped head first into the deep, completely skipping steps one through five in the “get to know you” process.

Countless conversations later we’ve discovered that we have more in common than a love for Mexican food, Coke, and deep conversations. We also share a heart for God’s daughters, especially the broken ones. We know a bit about being broken ourselves.

We also know about God’s power to heal and create beauty from a great big mess!

We’ve learned that we are undone. We are a work in progress. We are a masterpiece, if only in the mind of our Master. The key is learning to yield, to lean into and not pull away from the Hand that picks up the pieces of our broken past and lovingly places them into the frame of His mercy.

Now we invite you into this journey with us. Our hearts desire is to create a refuge. A place where you can come, broken and undone, and find a friend for the journey. This is a place where transparency is welcomed. Where honest questions are encouraged. Where you can find hope.

The cries from around the world go up, the cry of the broken girl. We hear her cry in the songs on the radio, we see her face airbrushed on the cover of magazines, we see her and we notice her. We love her. All shapes and sizes, skin types, races, economic statuses, and ages. We are the voice for the broken girl and the hope, the redeemed proof that broken is beautiful when you allow God to re-write your story.

Broken becomes art that takes your breath away, a tattered tapestry becomes robes of royalty fit for God’s daughters, and a story that you would rather not tell becomes your testimony, the song you sing unashamed telling others that there is hope for all the broken girls that God will take your tears, shattered stories, and in return offer a beautiful life.

We all have a Broken Girl Story. What’s yours?


Keri & Jennifer

Keri is a southern girl who has a deep love for high heeled shoes, chocolate, and stories. She’s a single mom to four amazing teenagers. She has the honor of sharing stories by day on a local Morning Radio Show but her favorite stories to share are those found in an ancient Book. She can’t wait to share her story with you. 



Jennifer is a self-professed girly-girl who is convinced that coloring your hair is addictive. She has an undying affection for refined sugar and red lipstick. She is a mother of two miracle babies and is an out-of-the-box minister’s wife. She loves weaving words together to speak to the hearts of women. 

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! Before I could even get out of bed this morning, I was crying. Realizing how much I wanna be liked and accepted but I just don’t like myself…..at all. And thinking how all of the hopes I once had to be uses by God are dying. And how that thought plunges me into the arms of sin trying to find relief. Thank you both for what you are doing, and what you are writing. Please add me to your prayer list. I am not only broken but feeling more and more empty and dead and desperate each day.

    • Julie,

      You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers all weekend. We know what it’s like to feel empty and desperate. Praying that your desperation leads you straight into the only arms that can fill to overflowing all of those empty broken places. You are precious and deeply loved!!!

      Keri & Jennifer

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