You’re not alone

“Pray for each other” James 5:16

I had planned to post a short devotion earlier today but never got around to it. I had several thoughts running around in my head about a particular passage I’ve been studying and wanted to dive deeper into. But when it came time to sit at the computer no words came.

Now, here I sit hours past my bedtime with a heavy heart. Tonight was hard. Some days just seem to weigh more than others and today was one of them. It seems like everyone I came in contact with was carrying a load too heavy. A friend who’s aging father lives far away and she feels torn between parenting her child and parenting her parent. A child caught in the limbo of the system who just needs a family to love him. A strong, godly man who’s heart is losing strength. A dear friend who will go home to an empty house tonight and lay awake wondering what tomorrow holds. Days like this I can’t help but think the enemy of our souls is working overtime.

I also can’t help but think of all the times in my life when I was the one carrying the too big, too heavy weight. Of the sleepless nights I faced wondering if I would survive. Wondering if I really was as alone as I felt. And always in His mercy He would send a whispered reminder “you’re not alone!”

We aren’t meant to walk through life alone. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. To learn that I don’t have to be strong and do it all by myself. God placed us in the body of Christ so that we could carry one another’s burdens. Even if only through prayer.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

Maybe tonight you feel alone and heavy burdened. Maybe you’re up late checking Facebook because you know the silence of your pillow will be too much for your overwhelmed heart to bear. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll make it through this thing.

You will!!!

You are not alone. And you don’t have to carry this alone. This night won’t last forever.

Life isn’t always fair but God is always faithful. He loves you and He is holding you.

I am praying for you tonight!


Messy Love Letter


There are days that I’m certain that I’ve conquered every obstacle of the heart. But, today I’m a mess sorting through the junk-mail of life and unwanted news in my tidy little world.

This week all the progress I’ve made adjusting to life with three kids and the whiplash from this adoption process resulted in a puddle of tears, question marks, and a label of epic fail for the dinner I attempted to cook last night. I’m imperfect and flawed, not a Hallmark card mom in moments where I am wrecked and wounded. I am in your club, you messy mother who is tear-stained, sporting bad hair, and workout gear without the slightest desire to workout. I am in your club; you victoriously flawed mother who is figuring it out and learning to let go of “perfect”.

Life is messy, especially right now when all around me is a mess I didn’t create. I’m a mother who cleans up messes from tiny hands all day long, yet I cannot pick up or fix the messiness from other people. I point to the mess and the mountain and I say, “Be removed” without the slightest doubt in my heart. I stand up in obedience; I take my hands out of the mess.

“Lord, remove it or be my wrecking ball, because I’m too weak to fix this.”

And in the midst of the mess, with everything out of place including my heart, I find a note written with a heart full of love and I’m certain that God wrote it too. Perhaps He held the pen steady while her heart formed the words. I have no idea when my daughter penned the words that melted me and affirmed me at the same time. All I’m sure of is that I needed to hear it.

Sometimes God writes you a love letter that is misspelled and flawed just like you. It’s beautiful and brilliant, taking your breath away. It’s always exactly what you need to hear, nourishment for a hungry heart. You have clothed and fed your children well, but you’ve forgotten how to take care of you. Let Jesus feed you and sustain you as He clothes you with dignity and strength.

Your mess gives way to a God who works the miraculous, He is certainly not finished writing your story. In fact, He was just waiting for your tired, trembling fingers to hand over the pen and your idea of control.

Today I don’t know what’s going on with you or what your mountain looks like, but I pray that throughout your journey, God will write you a messy love letter.

Baby girl,

I’ve got you.

I’m your Father that never leaves or forsakes you,

Who is waiting on you to look at your mess as a sign of life and blessing.

Who is waiting on you to turn your attitude into an asset as you choose words that bring life, not death.

Baby girl, I engraved you on the palm of my hands…your walls (your worries) are ever before me. (Is 49:16)

My spilled blood made way for your freedom, so why are you so afraid to walk in it?

The mountain in your way has nothing on me.


Your Daddy God

“The simple truth is that if you had a mere kernel of faith, a poppy seed, say, you would tell this mountain, ‘Move!’ and it would move. There is nothing you wouldn’t be able to tackle.” (Matt 17:20 MSG)



Releasing Real; Filling Up Our Grown-up Shoes

Sweet sister,
Tonight both of our hearts were hungry for girl time. And as we sat and sipped in our favorite coffee shop our hearts turned to you. You who feel trapped and broken. You who feel overwhelmed and forgotten. Our eyes filled with tears and spilled onto the table as we cried out to the Healer on your behalf. He wants to rescue you, He longs to set you free. Sister, these are His words to us tonight…

It’s time to release the broken girl. To set her free. To unlock all the chains holding her trapped inside this woman’s body.

It’s a season of release. Of freedom. Past brokenness, past shame, past regret, past guilt. A season where brokenness will only be a memory, no longer reality.
Be released into what is real, lasting, whole, complete, and perfect.
We speak to the trapped little girl locked in a woman’s body and tell her “it’s time to fill your shoes, walk it out, woman of beauty.” Walk differently this time and receive the joy of childlike innocence; skipping, twirling, and dancing carefree because you finally fit in your skin with no jagged edges. This is the woman released. Fearfully and wonderfully made, with flaws and fading scars from yesterday’s battle wounds, that no longer remind her of the pain, but are testaments to the healing.
God sees you and smiles at His treasured creation, a display of His splendor far greater than any airbrushed image on the cover of a magazine. You are a sight to behold, own that!
This time it’s different. This time when you walk out of the cage it’s not temporary. You don’t have to go back there. This time it’s forever. Past brokenness. It’s time to trade in your broken girl status for the true status befitting His daughter. Royalty.
We are in this with you,
Keri & Jennifer